While She Watches (excerpt)

They went back to Cara’s apartment. Because it was larger than Nick’s, they spent most of their time there. Cara had been trying to convince him to get rid of his place for months, but he wasn’t ready to give up his independence just yet. And besides, she had some seriously girly decor.

“So you’re really not pissed about the money?”

“No way. I thought it was pretty hot, actually. I just kind of wish it had been me you boys were fighting over.” She led him into her darkened apartment and he watched the way her short dress clung to her ass. He’d been admiring that view all evening long and still hadn’t tired of it. Oh, how he loved high heels and what they could do.

He shook his head clear and followed her inside. “So twenty-five hundred bucks isn’t a big deal to you? Really?”

“It’s a little more than I’d intended to donate, but I was already planning to gift her something anyway. This way, you get a little something out of it, too.” She winked.

“You’re not going to stop teasing, are you?”

“You’re into me for a couple thousand dollars, so I get to tease you all I want. In fact…” She reached back and drew the zipper all the way down the line of her back. She shimmied the dress over the swell of her hips until all she wore was her black, strapless bra, g-string, and towering stilettos. Shadows pooled between her shoulder blades and the sculpted curves of her buttocks. Nick had to adjust himself.

She sashayed toward the master bedroom, tantalizing with each step, and turned the dimmer on the recessed lights up to a twilight glow. Pulling the clasp from her hair, she released her strawberry blonde locks, letting them tumble about her shoulders and down the center of her back.

Nick yanked his suit jacket off and left it on the floor as he followed Cara into the bedroom. She looked over her shoulder, smirking at the bulge in his trousers, and half turned. “No, I don’t think I’m quite ready for you yet. Why don’t you go open a bottle of that champagne?” She stroked her hair along her shoulder, daring him to object. He didn’t. Nick had learned long ago that if he went along with her when she was in this mood, they both won. “Oh, and cut up some strawberries while you’re out there, would you?”

Nick picked his way to the kitchen in the dark and prepared their after-dinner treats in the soft glow of the under-cabinet lights. As he prepared the platter of strawberries and champagne, his hard-on never faltered. He thought about how lucky he was to have met her. Like him, she was fun, adventurous, and free-spirited—although there were times when she challenged him in the adventurous department. On a whim, he lit a scented candle and placed it on the platter, letting it illuminate his way back to the bedroom.

As he approached, his ears tickled with a familiar buzzing sound. Cara had apparently decided not to wait for him. As sexed up as they’d been all evening, he wasn’t too surprised.

She had the same idea with the candles. She’d lit candles on her nightstand, dresser, and the ledge above her platform bed. In the flickering glow, her near naked body looked forged from gold. Her bra was gone. Her nipples had hardened into long knots of caramel. And her right hand danced inside the flimsy gusset of her g-string. The buzzing grew louder. She arched back, burying herself in the pillows as she worked her Pocket Rocket across her sex.

Nick almost tossed the platter of strawberries and joined her on the bed, but he knew better. Instead, he quietly set it on the nightstand, poured himself a glass of champagne, and watched her finish. She wasn’t far. He could tell by the way her body began to undulate and how she curled her painted toes inside her sandals. He caught a flash of the clear pink vibrator as it buzzed through the slick crease of her pussy. Her left hand slipped up her taut body and enveloped the full swell of tit flesh. Her thumb danced across her nipple, flicking harder than Nick would have been comfortable doing.

Shoving her head back deeper into the pillows, her mouth parted in a heavy sigh. The movement beneath her panties grew frantic. She spread her legs wider. “Ngh!” Her voice warbled, high and unsteady. She twisted her nipple. Her breath caught. Her climax crashed through her body.

Nick’s heart was beating hard by the time Cara came down. She took a deep breath, held and released it. At last, she opened her eyes, looking content. “Well, that was fun.”

Nick handed her a flute of champagne. “Looked like it.”

“Know what I was thinking about?”

He leaned over and kissed her. “Something involving me, I hope.”

She reached over and plucked a strawberry from the platter. Nick realized he was overdressed as her nudity brushed along him and worked to rectify that. “Oh, you were definitely involved.” She bit into the meat of the strawberry and crushed it between her teeth. “So was Elise.” She paused as he pulled his shirt off, distracted by his toned upper body. “You are a sexy man, Nick.”

“You, me, and Elise, huh? That sounds hot.” They’d never talked about that particular scenario, although Cara had alluded to her “wilder days of experimentation.”

“Not the three of us. Just you and Elise.”