The Ballet

Curtis stays home while his wife goes on a date to the ballet with another man.

Published: 6/11/2014

Forbidden Halloween – NEW!

Max and Katie, from Something Forbidden, attend a party with a couple friends. Dressed as a harem girl, how seriously will Katie take her role to please?

Published: 10/31/2014

Her Vampire Costume

Costume parties weren’t my thing, Halloween or not. I felt silly for those around me, and even worse for myself. Then I saw her. Pale blonde hair and haunting blue eyes, her only costume a pair of fangs and a cloak… or was it a costume after all?

Published: 10/30/2012

Little Miss Communication (Little Miss Part 1)

An errant text from a boy she has a crush on gets Elaine thinking about herself and the way her friends and coworkers view her.

Published: 3/18/2011

Little Miss Calculation (Little Miss Part 2)

Elaine continues to explore her sexuality. She wants a threesome. Just her and two sexy guys. Can one plus one sometimes equal three?

Published: 11/1/2011

Moving Mrs. Mitchell (New!)

Mrs. Robin Mitchell couldn’t stand living another moment in her cheating husband’s place. She needed to get out, and get out as soon as possible. College guys Paul and Brandon were more than willing to help her move… not just into her new house, but into her new life.

Published: 5/24/2012

No More Lonely Valentines

Published: 2/14/2013

Observing Christmas Traditions

Claudia and Charlie’s families had started creating traditions from the moment the two were born. Twenty-three years later, the children come to realize that some traditions are worth keeping.

Published: 12/25/2010


Exhibitionists aren’t cut out for the ghost’s life, as Paul and Neve learned in the year after their death. Public sex loses something when the public can’t see you and there’s no chance of getting caught. Paul seeks larger and larger audiences, hoping someone — anyone — will see them. On the anniversary of their death, Neve agrees to another shot on a busy summertime beach. Is this their time? Just to be seen once would make all the difference…

Published: 10/3/2011

Rags to Reunions

From shy bookworm to successful, beautiful woman, Lily attends her ten year high school reunion.

Published: 5/19/2011

The Right Subject

Fate delivers Christina into Derek’s life. His photography skills deliver her into his bedroom.

Published: 5/5/2011