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Naughty Christmas books for your new Kindle

Hope you all got exactly what you wanted this Christmas. It’s been quite a year for me: four full length novels published, a couple interviews, a mention in Shape magazine, and the continued success of this blog. I have you, my readers, to thank for all of it. So my heartfelt thanks on a day when gift-giving is at its height. If you’re looking for some racy, holiday-themed reads, I’ve got a few suggestions after the break.


Something Forbidden on Smashwords and BN

Something Forbidden is no longer exclusive to Amazon. It’s now available on Barnes & Noble, for those reading on a Nook, and Smashwords, for those who want the flexibility of reading on whatever they want.

Buy it on:

smashwords   bn   amazon

New cover designs

I’ve been busy on the design front with a slew of new covers for some really amazing authors.

My good friend Kirsten McCurran published her latest last week, Emma’s Escape, a scintillating tale about a young woman letting go of her comfortable yet boring life, and embracing a sexual side that she never knew she had. If you’re a fan of Kirsten’s, or if you’re in the mood for a sexy book about innocence lost and sexuality found, check out Emma’s Escape.

Lucy V. Morgan just launched her New Adult parody, Tousle Me (A Cliché Too Far), last Friday. This is her first full-length romantic comedy, and is pretty damn funny. Click on over to Amazon to read the hilarious blurb, then read the even more hilarious book.

I’ve got a new book, too, which necessitates a new cover. I’ve been teasing Because He’s Watching: Ian’s Escape for a few weeks now, so I won’t do it again. Just click that link and read the blurb. It should be out soon. Oh, and because that book is so closely tied to Kirsten’s book, I designed a new cover for hers as well.

I’ve got a couple more designs for books that aren’t ready for announcing, including a new one from Max Sebastian, and the debut book of a new author to the naughty wife scene, Ben Boswell. Stay tuned for announcements early in the new year.

What’s next

After the quick succession of Something Forbidden and Unconventional, I’ve had more than a few readers ask what to expect next. Being a firm believer of managing expectations, here’s me being proactive.


Download Unconventional free, now through Sunday


If you haven’t picked up your copy of Unconventional: Business Meets Pleasure yet, then you’re in luck. Now through Sunday, November 17, it’s FREE over on Amazon. Have a great weekend!


Got plagiarized, got justice: A positive Amazon experience

Rediscovering Danielle stolen!Plagiarism and piracy are sad realities in the new world of self-publishing. I used to think that it was mostly limited to “entrepreneurs” stealing stories off free sites like Literotica and Eroticstories.com and selling them through KDP (see my blog post “Amazon pirates will probably steal your erotic stories“). Alas, the e-pirates have gotten bolder as the promise of more money hangs out there. Dark erotica author Skye Warren had her books ripped off directly from Amazon (they even used her author name in the title). And very recently, someone alerted me that Rediscovering Danielle had be “repurposed” in a hotwife anthology without credit given.

But this particular tale has a happy ending (we all love a good HEA, don’t we?).


New Kenny Wright book released

unconventional-availablenowUnconventional: Business Meets Pleasure is now live and available on Amazon for $2.99 (or free if you want to borrow it from the Kindle Lending Library). The paperback edition should be available either later this week or next week.

Unlike my past couple books, Unconventional doesn’t fit neatly into the wife-watching genre, but that’s not to say that the element isn’t present (it most certainly is, it’s just not as much of a plot-driver). If you enjoy books involving sexy older women, powerful executive females, crazy adventures in Las Vegas, or that inexplicable tingle that can accompany the right kind of jealousy, then Unconventional may be for you.

Buy it now on Amazon!

Excerpt from Unconventional


I’m happy to announce (officially) that my next book, Unconventional: Business Meets Pleasure, will be available by the end of October. I quietly added the blurb and book cover to this site a couple weeks ago, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, then go now. If you’re looking for more on this story, then you’re in luck. Check out the excerpt after the break.


Naughty wives and happy endings

I don’t think that naughty wives, romance, and happy endings are mutually exclusive. Anyone who’s read my books shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I think there’s a wide enough array of opinion that it bears putting my own out there.

For me, the niche genre of wife-sharing, or whatever you want to call it, is all about the couple. That relationship between husband and wife is the main character, and like any character, it can either grow better from experience, or worse. Maybe it’s the optimism that I carry through life, but I will always go for growth. (more…)