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Pre-order Nothing Forbidden today

Nothing ForbiddenNothing Forbidden comes out on November 20, but you can pre-order it today over at Amazon.



Max and Katie have tasted something forbidden, opening their marriage sexually to other people. It’s been a wild ride, and they are stronger for the experience. Max craves more and gives his headstrong wife the green light to play on her own–even as she vows to never risk their relationship again. But is that a promise she can keep in her new world of sexual freedom?

In this sequel to Kenny Wright’s Something Forbidden, follow Katie as she explores the new and exciting world suddenly open to her. When nothing’s forbidden, can she keep touch with what’s real, what’s important, or will it all slip away?

Soft BDSM erotica for the non-BDSM reader

Surrogate Master cover

Ben Boswell’s latest book

I don’t do reviews often, but Ben Boswell’s latest, The Surrogate Master, is definitely worthy of one.

Full disclosure: My wife edited this book. I formatted it. It’s published under KW Publishing. I may be biased, but I like to think I’m more objective than not.

So as the name suggests, The Surrogate Master touches on themes of Dominance and submission. Fans of 50 Shades of Grey should enjoy this. There’s some mild BDSM play, spanking, restraints, etc. As with all his books, this one touches on wife-sharing elements that flirt with a harder cuckold edge (in the way Ben does so well). But at the heart of all of that, there’s a love story. The couple is going through a rough patch—one that could very well end them. Instead, they deal with their issues in the most unconventional of ways—you guessed it, with the Master—and end up learning a lot about who they are, both individually and as husband and wife. I’ve made no secret that when I write, the couple is practically its own character. Max and Rachel definitely qualify. (more…)

Forbidden Halloween: An excerpt from Nothing Forbidden

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m releasing an excerpt of my latest book, Nothing Forbidden, as a Halloween treat. It doesn’t require having read the first book in the Max and Katie series, Something Forbidden, but be warned: there are some spoilers in this short story if you have not read Something Forbidden.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Read Forbidden Halloween.

New cover designs

I design covers as a side-side-hobby. It began out of necessity for self-publishing, then morphed into something I did to help out fellow authors. When I went to post the cover of Nothing Forbidden, though, I realized that I was about four months behind on updating my cover gallery. So, for those interested, check out the last few months…in covers.


New book coming soon

I told you I was writing! Between the new addition to our family and a new job in my professional life, I’ve been quiet on the erotica front, but not inactive. What started as a side project and short story turned first into a novella, then a novel. I wanted to explore the aftermath of Something Forbidden, as well as set up a new book (Training to Love It, a book I’ve mentioned it a few times in the past). What I ended up with was a full blown sequel to Something Forbidden, as well as my first book told exclusively from a female perspective (Katie’s).

I’m really pleased with the evolution of her character, and while it’s not really a fully formed thought in my mind, I could see myself writing  a third book for this fun couple. But that’s going to have to wait for the many other projects I’ve got on deck.

Now would be a great time to re-read Something Forbidden (or pick it up if you haven’t). Look for Nothing Forbidden in the next month or so. Also, check back the week of Halloween for a special little sneak treat (see what I did there?). Blurb and cover after the break.


Recommended reads for August

I can’t believe that we’re already in August. Part of me is still in the mindset that 2014 has only just begun, and yet we’re already over halfway through the year. I’ve been pretty quiet of late in the blogosphere, but I promise you that I’m being productive behind the scenes. Those who’ve been following along know I’ve got a novel in the works called Training to Love It. Well, that project has spawned a whole bunch of others, including a sequel to Something Forbidden that will set things up for Training. It had begun as a short, unfolded into a novella, and now I’m thinking it may be a book of its own. Leave a comment here if you’d be interested in that sort of thing.

In the lack of anything substantive to say beyond the above, I’ll give you a few recommended reads for this month, from my favorite authors. (more…)

New anthology: Wife Sharing Shorts, Vol. 1

At last, a new book from me! Well, kind of. It’s a collection of short stories (all but one of them completely new to you). Between books, ideas often strike me that don’t have enough to become full-length novel material, but need to get written anyway. I’ve collected the shorts I’ve created over the past year and bundled them into Wife Sharing Shorts, Vol. 1. And as a bonus, Max Sebastian has contributed a new and exclusive story to this collection: “The Three Laws of Wife-Sharing.” Don’t miss it!


I’ve released the first of these shorts for free on this site (“The Ballet”), so check it out and see if this is something you’re interested.

Blurb after the break: (more…)

May update

My apologies for not writing anything since March in this space. I’ve put a few things on Facebook and Twitter, but haven’t had a big enough update to post here. Unfortunately, I still don’t! My non-writing life has been jam packed in the last few months. I’ve managed to get some writing in—for example, Training to Love It is only a chapter or two away from completion. I’ve also got a new book in the works (something that I thought would be just a short story but has blossomed into a full-on novel).

So in short, here are a few quick updates:

  • All the books in this post are still in the works, including the novel and the book of short stories
  • Max Sebastian has a new book out called, My Wife, the Seductress
  • Ben Boswell’s Whatever It Takes is also out
  • Kirsten McCurran has an upcoming book by the name of Hot Dates: Becoming a Shared Wife

Hopefully my next post will be more exciting, but I wanted you all to know that I’m still alive and still writing. Thanks for the continued feedback and encouragement.

Lots of good things coming soon

Okay, everyone, got a few things coming up in the next couple month, including a couple of my own books. But first things first, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who’ve helped make March my best month as a writer to date. Cool With Her held in the Amazon’s Top 100 books in Erotica for over three weeks. I literally could not have done that without you, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now for the new stuff! (more…)