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What’s going on in 2017?!

I’ll do this in the form of an interview since I’ve received so many questions of the last month asking what my deal is. Go with me on this, it should be fine.

Are you still even writing, Kenny?

Sure am. Most days, something is being transferred from my perverted brain onto digital paper. I’ve been writing for almost twenty years (that makes me sound so old). Writing erotica is part of who I am, so don’t worry, I’m here until I’m not.

Things are just busy. Holidays, both my young kids have had birthdays recently. In-laws have visited, and some commitments in my day job have all conspired to rob me of creative time.


Best Hotwife Erotica, Vol. 2, now available!

The second volume of Best Hotwife Erotica is available, exclusively on Amazon, for just 0.99 (or free if you’ve got a Kindle Unlimited account). Five great authors, five sexy Halloween-themed short stories, this deal is scary good (sorry, couldn’t resist).

This time around, a few of us tried an experiment. Three of these stories take place at the same Halloween party, on the same night. It all kicks off with Kirsten’s Blank Canvas short.

Details below: (more…)

Tricks and Treats coming very soon

My apologies to all my fans. This was supposed to be out today. Still could be, but it’s looking unlikely due to some Amazon bureaucracy that you don’t really care about. Nothing major, just a mischecked box. Blurb is up here: Best Hotwife Erotica 2: Tricks and Treats.

As for other pursuits of the erotic variety, I’ve got a few in the works. One has caught my fancy at the moment, so we shall see where it takes me. Life’s been full, and has been gobbling up all of my free time, but hopefully I’ll be able to reclaim some hours of my day to write.

In the meantime, you’ve got this anthology coming up! Stay tuned.

Edit: It is now available!

Fake reviews?

Let me set the record straight: I don’t pay for fake reviews. I’m not even sure how to go about doing that, although I’m aware of the practice. I also try to stay above the fray and not respond to trolls, but this particular claim, which has popped up a couple times on my latest book, is troubling enough that I can’t stay silent. (more…)

Release day: Separated, With Benefits

separated-1000My next book, Separated, With Benefits, is available today. Pick it up for your Kindle, or order a paperback copy today.

Ethan and Nicole met, dated, got married, a job took Ethan away, and they separated. And that’s how it would have ended had circumstances not brought Ethan home a year later.

When he sees his wife again after so long, he realizes just how much he lost. When they fall into a physical, friends-with-benefits arrangement, he realizes that he wants more. And when he begins to suspect that he’s not the only man in her life anymore, his reaction shocks him.

As Ethan and Nicole rediscover themselves and the new people that they have become, they must decide whether to rekindle what they once had, or let each other go at last.

Read an excerpt now!

Read an excerpt from Separated, With Benefits

Separated, With Benefits comes out this Friday (July 22), and I am very excited for everyone to read this one. For those who want a taste of what is to come, though, I’m teasing you with an excerpt: read it now!

It’s also available to pre-order on Amazon.com.

Finally, unrelated to the upcoming book (but long overdue), I’ve finally published my last three books in paperback. My own copies arrived earlier this week, and I have to say, it’s nice to hold them in my hands.


Here are the links, if you’d like to order a paperback version (I know some of you were holding out). I’m listing links to both Amazon and CreateSpace (I get more royalties from CreateSpace!).

Want an advanced review copy of my next?

I’m rebuilding my ARC list, so if you’re interested, please leave a comment on this post, or send me an email at kennywright.writer (at) gmail dot com. I’m accepting the first ten or so interested parties.

Edit and update: Wow, I’m overwhelmed by the response! And I haven’t even posted this anywhere on social media. Thank you all so much for volunteering to be advanced reviewer and readers. For the time being, I’m going to stop taking more volunteers on so that someone will buy it on release day. Thanks again, all!

Read on for the frequently asked Qs.


Upcoming book in July

I can’t believe that it’s July. Where did June go? For that matter, where has 2016 gone? Hope everyone’s summers are going well. If you’re looking for an inexpensive beach read and haven’t picked it up, the anthology I did with some other great authors, Summer Confessions, is still .99 over on Amazon. You probably already have that though, so plug time is over.

A few months back, I wrote a draft of a book that is now called Separated, With Benefits. It will be my next release, and if all goes according to plan, it’ll be out sometime in July. I hate setting high expectations, but…I really like this book. It’s different than what I normally write. First of all, it’s a romance… like, we start with a man and a woman who are not a couple (although they are married). Ethan and Nicole, as the title suggests, are going through a trial separation as the book opens, living on opposite sides of the country and struggling with what it means to be separated and single. Do not worry, though, there’s plenty of signature Kenny Wright extramarital confusion and voyeuristic eroticism. At the heart of the book is Ethan’s struggle between trying to rekindle what he once had with Nicole, and letting her go and live her own life apart from him.

Anyway, I enjoyed both writing it (it probably made it onto paper faster than any other book I’ve ever written) and reading it after the fact. I’m anxious, but excited, to share it with all of you.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, there are a few other things to look up (these are plug, so move along if you hate plugs):


I’ve been publishing for several years now writing for years (hard to believe my first shorts came out in 2012), and writing for a lot longer than that. I can no longer say that I’m new to this whole “writing” thing. I have more of a process now. I have fans. I pay taxes on royalties. I work with beta readers and send out ARCs and write this blog, and do all the other mechanisms that go along with publishing books that have nothing to do with the books themselves. I even set up a sister site with some other authors, hotwifebooks.com, and (marginally) run that. But my motivation to write, to create, is largely the same as it always has been. I do this for myself first and foremost, crafting stories that I enjoy, and then packaging them to share with you.

I’m not as prolific as some authors, nor as prolific as I wish I could be. I make time in my busy schedule to get these stories out—not to rake in the royalties, but just to get the stories out of my head and onto paper. I’ve got a full-time job (that I love), a family (that I love even more) and yes, I have other hobbies that take up my time. I do, occasionally, watch television. I own an Xbox. But I enjoy creating things, and having this outlet to explore these fantasies. Added bonus, I get to explore them with you guys.

This was going to be a post on process: how do I write, where do the ideas come from, blah blah. Maybe I’ll write that one day, if you guys and gals are interested. But the one point I want to keep from that post is that when I sit down to write a story, I have a rough concept in mind, usually a premise, and a few characters. I typically know the subgenre that I want to write in (and lets be honest, it usually involves some form of misbehaving wife or couple). And then I go. I let my imagination take me where it does. I try to be thoughtful to where my characters want to go and let them do what they want to do, and I always help guide them back to a happier resolution, but that’s it.

So even after all these years, I hope you guys know that I’m still the same author I was back in 2012, only more mature (hopefully) with more refined prose. I still have the thirst to explore my own fantasies, and still love sharing them with you all.