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A few updates

I set up a Facebook Page. For the 7 of you who’ve managed to stumble on this page, if you’re interested, you can now follow me there as well. This goes along with the Twitter feed, although I suppose Facebook would allow for discussions and what not? I have a personal page there as well, but don’t think I’ll be updating that a whole lot.

“Rags to Reunions” posted
My latest story, “Rags to Reunions,” has been posted on the various sites (as well as this one). If you enjoyed it, some positive votes on literotica.com (or any of the sites) would always be appreciated.

About Me
I actually finally finished writing a blurb here (Good lord, this post sounds conceited). I think I’m going to stop now. Maybe get back to writing. Take care!

The waiting game

I just submitted my fourth story to literotica.com. Now the wait begins.

As a writer, I think I hem and haw quite a bit before I’m happy with a story (and even then, I’m not sure that I’m ever completely happy). I realize the contradiction to hold on to something for so long, only to get impatient when I release it into the public, but at least I’ll own up to it. Once I’m done with something, I’m pretty much done with it.

This is evidenced by the most recent story, “The Right Subject.” There are definitely typos there (some kind reader even went so far as to list them out for me). I just haven’t found the energy to edit and resubmit. Yes, this will happen, but right now, I’m focused on moving forward and producing new things, rather than fixing old.

In any case, one more story has been released. I’m pretty proud of this one. In a couple days, we’ll see if that pride is deserved (hunch: it is).

Not just a writer…

It Started With a JokeIt Started With MistletoeActually, I wouldn’t consider myself a writer at all, but a guy who writes. In real life, I’m a graphic designer: brochures, flyers, newsletters, some web stuff — all deliberately free of sex and smut. It’s fun, I enjoy the creative outlet, but sometimes, life offers the opportunity to combine the two. Just recently, it did just that.

I was offered the opportunity to create cover art for a new series by Kirsten McCurran called “Eve & Friends.” The series follows two couples and their experimentation with a polyamorous lifestyle. It’s fun and light yet is populated with characters that feel real and different from one another. There will be two more in this series coming up, along with a compilation of all stories as one. They’re definitely worth the read (and no, I don’t make any money off sales).

Creating a cover was an interesting experience. I’ve done covers of newsletters and guidelines before. The basics are the same: determine what the cover needs to say and make sure that all design elements reinforce that message. In the case of these covers, the message was sex (obviously), but also sensuality and classiness. I hope I was successful. I guess in this case, success can be partially measured by sales, right?

Breaking that third wall

Disclaimers: First entry to a blog is usually the obligatory who-am-I post. It’s kind of funny, since typically, the audience is only the author. Also, it’s always strange to see an author exposed, and in this case, strange is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, if you can start reading a story and can suddenly see the gears and hear the ticking, then either the author has said too much, or you need to stop reading his blog.

So with that in mind, I’ll keep this pretty short. I write “high heat-level” erotica with a romantic angle (hardcore romance?). I love characters, especially ones I can identify with, although this is an area I’m trying to stretch myself. My taste in genre is pretty broad, so I might as well list what I don’t like: not a huge fan of scifi/fantasy/supernatural (in erotic literature) or gay erotica. (I know, I just eliminated two of the largest categories currently on the market, but what can you do?) I also couldn’t see myself writing historic erotica. I’ve been writing for 15 years (not all of this was spent writing smut though) and still love the creative challenge and accomplishment of it. I’ve posted under Kenny Wright on literotica.com, eroticstories.com, and storiesonline.net (check them out if you haven’t and vote them up!). While I write primarily for myself, I like the public validation of posting.

Erotica is really more of an interesting footnote in my life. I have a real life job as a graphic designer, a real life wife who supports this hobby, and a baby girl who’s changed our lives (but also has cut out a lot of free time).

And this is my blog. The goal is to be a dumping ground of my thoughts. I’ll post my stories on the site as well if you didn’t catch them elsewhere. Maybe talk about upcoming projects or solicite advice on works in progress. As exposing as a blog can be, I have to love its organic nature. And much like my stories as they unfold, we’ll just have to wait and see where it goes.