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Erotica for men

UPDATE (3.30.2012)
Interest in what “erotica for men” has continued to grow since the day I posted the thoughts below. Clearly there’s a market for it, but I’m no longer convinced this market is all that different than what “erotica for women” is. In either case, the name has taken root, so I won’t fight the trend. Follow my thoughts in my new section: Erotica for Men.

Yes, men read erotic fiction, too. We’re the untapped market, so to speak. To the point, Ellora’s Cave is testing the waters with a line of “erotica for men” and have put a call out to the erotica-reading men of the world: what are our fantasies? It’s a step in the right direction, for sure, but it begs the question, “What is erotica for men?” The following are my thoughts (and some of Jake Marlow’s — a fellow male writer); there are very few stats to back any of this up, so keep that in mind.


Google Docs, Quickoffice, and creative writing

I’ve been writing creatively for over 15 years. I don’t say this to brag (after all, it’s been over 15 years and I’m still writing with adverbs and expressive eyes). I say this for context. The quality (and subject matter!) has changed over the years — that’s expected — but what’s not talked about much is how all that time you used to have to write starts to disappear. How great would be it to get back all those hours you thought weren’t enough in high school and college? Early and mid-20s, before careers take off and families grow, how I sometimes miss you (only sometimes).

I’ve had to adapt — especially with a six-month-old who’s sleeping less and wanting to play more. I need to make time without prioritizing writing above the good things in life (my wife, my baby girl, my job, which is sometimes fantastically rewarding). Here’s one of the ways I’ve figured out how to do it. I call it, the Cloud…


Oh, conferences…

They can be great to attend. Enriching, educational, even inspirational. I’ve had some amazing experiences at them, and if you can get your employer to fund a trip to one, I highly recommend taking advantage.

Working them is an entirely different. You’re on from the time you get up to the time you go to bed, and I don’t think you can understand the full extent of the pressure until it’s over. That’s how I feel, anyway, every single time one is over.

OK, so what’s the point, you ask? Well, somewhere, squeezed in the moments between receptions and plenaries and set-up and tear-down, I wrote a story about the conference experience. 14k words, too!  It’s making the rounds, but I think it’s a pretty good one, too, that explores the unique situations that crop up at these kinds of things. And hilariously (since the last story was mis-posted under Mature) this one actually is a Mature-themed tale about a sexy older executive and a young programmer and how he comes to view his boss in a new light.

Look for it in the coming weeks!

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After School Special posted

My latest story is now posted on literotica.com. Check it out here:

Fresh out of high school, Andy is pressured by his friends to hit up the Orchid Lounge, a high class gentlemen’s club in the city. As fate would have it, his history teacher, Ms. Fischer, has just started waiting tables at the strip club. Even though their student-teacher relationship is officially over, will Andy be able to get past protocol? Will Ms. Hayley Fischer explore her darker desires with this “safe” young man? Find out by reading After School Special.

Oddly, it was categorized under “Mature,” which isn’t where I’d placed it (I don’t think). I’ve submitted a request for it to be moved to Erotic Couplings as I refuse to believe that 28 is considered “mature.” Makes me feel old. /whimper

I’ll put this up on my site when I have a free moment, but for now, you’ll have to read it on Literotica (and please don’t forget to vote!).


Just submitted my fifth story, After School Special, to Literotica. Love the anticipation! In advance, much thanks to my friend Jake for helping me work this short (but hopefully good) story out, and my wife for editing my mistakes. When I asked her if she’d ever thought she’d edit a line that contained “g-string” in it, she just laughed.

I’ll post again when it’s up.

Oh, and I’m playing around with a subscribe option for updates and blog posts. That field should be to the right.

Erotic fiction sites: an author’s perspective

With a mention on Lucy V Morgan’s blog, I feel like I need to prepare for new guests, and since vacuuming and putting away the laundry wouldn’t exactly be appreciated by most readers (unless you’re my wife), I’ll just make a little post here.

I’ve been meaning to write something about the three different sites I post to (Literotica, EroticStories, and Storiesonline), and while I’m a pretty new writer (at least on the greater internets), with four stories under my belt, I at least have a feel for their nuances. All three are free to post to and free to read, although EroticStories and Storiesonline require free accounts to read, and ES eventually archives its stories (which requires a paying membership to access). This article is written primarily from the author’s perspective. Oh, and let’s be clear right now, none of these sites are perfect.


Little Miss… cue

I have the basic concept of Elaine’s next adventure worked out in my head (i.e. that thing she confesses to Hayden at the end of Little Miss Communication that the reader isn’t privy to), but when I went to execute said adventure, it fell flat. Not that the actual fantasy is at fault, but I think I tried to force it a bit too much. So it’s back to the drawing board with El and Hayden.

This kind of speaks to the difficulty of the sequel. If the story stood on its own, then it would have worked. But since I’m dealing with characters that already have their (recent) pasts written, there’s a bit more care needed. The expectations aren’t just for the reader or the writer. The characters themselves expect to be treated with respect.

New story almost ready

Just a head’s up to anyone reading this. I’ve completed a final read through of a new story (that was actually finished a little while back). This one’s about a kid’s first time at a strip club and an interesting encounter he has there. No, it’s not with a stripper, it’s far more unique. Anyway, I’m passing it on to my editor (who doubles as my wife) and will post when she’s finished with it.

I’m still working on the Little Miss sequel, don’t worry. The plan is that the story arc will cover three parts. I’m almost done with the first (just have to write the naughty parts).

Comment break-up

At first, I thought it was cute. One of those little mannerisms in a relationship that was endearing: how she cuts her spaghetti into tiny little bites first, or how she never laughs, but states that things are funny.

But you and me, comment spammers, have moved beyond the puppy love phase. It’s time for us to have The Talk. I’m cutting you off. Now. Sorry it didn’t work out, and honestly, I don’t even really want to be friends.

For the rest of you (har har), for the time being, I’ll need to approve comments. I’ll look into some spam blockers, I’m sure Word Press has a billion of them. And once you’ve posted and been approved (Lucy), you don’t need to wait in the approval queue. It was just getting distracting with all those comment alerts that turned out to be spam. So think of this as an exclusive club you can get into for free — all you have to be is human.