Her Vampire Costume

I didn’t want to be at this party until I saw her. The young woman stood on the outskirts of someone else’s conversation, her long black cloak covering everything but her long, blonde hair and her small hands, clutching a red Solo cup like a goblet of wine.

I didn’t like Halloween parties. I felt foolish in my kilt and loose linen shirt, but my friend Rick was anxious to arrive at the party with a buddy and practically thrust the Scotsman costume into my hands.

Seeming to sense my eyes on her, the blonde looked up at me and my heart nearly stopped. Her pale blonde hair fell in styled locks around the bronzed contours of her face and glossy lips, her cute nose and groomed eyebrows adding to her radiant beauty. I had seen good looking women before. I even had the opportunity to be with some women before. This woman was good looking, but those eyes were otherworldly.

Large and pale blue, rimmed with long black lashes, they regarded me with coy amusement. They seemed to stroke my mind, flirting their way into my deepest and most lurid thoughts. And when they found something they liked, and I swear I saw a giggle in her irises.

She crossed the room as if she wasn’t walking, but gliding, each blink of my eyes bringing her a few steps closer. One moment she was next to the pirate and the cave woman; the next she was standing right in front of me, her head tilted back, her hip cocked to one side under that soft, black cloak. I must have been more drunk than I realized.

“I saw you staring across the room,” she said. Her voice was friendly, yet dripped confidence. She cocked her head to one side, her pale pupils regarding me from the corners of her eyes. “See something you like?”

Normally, I would have a smooth answer for this—a silly one-liner meant to break the tension that I suddenly realized was crackling between us. One-liners wouldn’t work on this girl. I knew that immediately. I chose to be straight-forward. “Yes. I did.”

She smiled at me, her expression appreciative. Her teeth were bright white, small and even but for two elongated canines. Fangs. Her tongue toyed with the sharp point of one, her smile suddenly taking on a much more feral look.

Halloween. Right, I almost forgot. A vampire.

“Let me guess,” she said, “you came here with your friends, but your only real intention was to find some hapless girl to take home and suck your cock.”

I balked at her statement and she laughed. It was a beautiful thing, not cruel, but certainly not innocent either. The scary thing about her statement was that she had pinpointed my exact thoughts, right down to the image of her on her knees between my legs. I felt exposed, laid out bare before those large, shining eyes.

The blonde stepped closer, her cloak parting. I received a glimpse of her body for the first time this evening—taut curves sheathed in a tight black dress—before she was standing too close, her fingers closing around my linen shirt to pull me down to her. Her perfume assaulted me, drowned me. I felt myself go rigid. “But Chris,” she said, whispering into my ear, her breath hot along my neck, “aren’t you afraid I’ll bite?”

I felt the sharp points of her fangs scrap along my exposed neck. For a moment, I thought they’d pierce flesh, only to be replaced by soft lips. I sighed, but something about all this didn’t feel right.

“How did you know my name?” I struggled to get the words out as that warm mouth clouded up my mind.

She pulled away, once again regarding me with one of those coy, sideward glances. “You’re sharper than I would have thought, Chris.” Her fingers now dancing along the hard ridges of my pecs below my Scotsman’s shirt. “Maybe you will get lucky, after all.”

Her laugh seemed to bounce off the back of my head and reverberate warmly within my brain. She turned, her cloak whipping around her lean, tanned legs. I blinked. She was gone.

I spent the next hour looking for the petite blonde to no avail. Not only did I not find her, but I didn’t even find someone who knew her, or even remembered her being here. As I walked amidst the costumed revelers, I couldn’t help imagining those playful blue eyes watching me from the shadows, laughing as her elaborate prank unfolded.

After that, the beer and my own horniness took over. I found myself chatting with a leggy brunette—chatting on autopilot. She was as thick as she was beautiful and for all her bashful resistance, I knew I could have her with a minimal amount of effort. Normally, that wouldn’t have been so bad. Brains or no brains, her skin was still soft, her breasts still plump and firm, her wetness just as inviting as the next. Yet the ghost of that small blonde’s eyes followed me even then.

“I need to go grab something from my car. Want to walk with me?” I asked the brunette. Yes, it was a lame line. Yes, I should be ashamed of myself. Hell, I didn’t even know this girl’s name. I said the words anyway.

She giggled. “You scared of the dark?” she asked me, one hand squeezing my arm suggestively. “Want me to take care of you?”

“I’d like that very much.” I took her by the hand and led her out into the street.

I’d parked a few suburban blocks down and we walked hurriedly through pools of lamplight. The buxom girl on my arm’s devil costume was nothing more than a lacy red teddy, a short cap, and little horns sticking out of her thick curls. She definitely was sexy, there was no doubt about that, but still…

“Is this your car?” she asked once we’d stopped in front of my beamer.

I answered her by chirping the alarm off.

“Hm, it’ll do.” She shrugged before shoving me against the car and plastering her body against mine. Her tongue invaded my mouth before I had a chance to close my eyes.

“What’s a Scotsman got under his kilt?” Those doe-like eyes were consumed with baser lust. Her hand had already dropped to find out the answer.

“Ooo… I think I like Scotsmen.”

She dropped to her knees right there, our bodies bathed in the yellow glow of a streetlight. I leaned up against my car and watched as this woman hiked my kilt up around my waist and lowered her mouth onto my cock. Despite thinking about the blonde all night—or maybe for it—I had no problem growing rigid as the brunette worked her lips and tongue over me like warm butter.

She knew precisely what it was going to take to get me off. Her technique was flawless and well-practiced, down to the corkscrewing motion of her mouth and the tightness of her pumping fingers. I would have blown happily into her mouth after only a few minutes were it not for… her…

“Stop,” came a woman’s voice, high yet commanding. The brunette’s bobbing head froze between my legs and despite my tightening balls, I resisted the urge to unleash myself.

I looked up, tearing my eyes away from the she-devil’s concave cheeks, to see the blonde from the party approaching. For a second, I thought her eyes were glowing in the darkness. I blinked. I must have imagined it.

“Looks like you found your hapless girl.” She smiled at me teasingly. “Is she everything you hoped she would be?”

I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t open my mouth. I couldn’t move.

She looked down at the girl, whose mouth still clung to my member. “Leave us,” she commanded. Without a second thought, the brunette stood and made her hurried way back to the lights of the party. My kilt fell back around my knees, preserving my modesty as the blonde approached.

“You must be so close…” she whispered. Her perfume once again assaulted my senses. She didn’t stop approaching until she had me pinned against the car, her hand caressing my throat where her teeth had grazed earlier in the night. My erection rubbed against her warm belly, feeling the muscles below. “I’m sorry I interrupted you at the moment of your… glory…” She laughed. “If you’re a good boy, I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

She took my hand and pulled me toward the darkened home that I had parked in front of. I managed to speak at last. We were half-way up the walk before I managd to speak. “Where are we going?”


“Is this your home?”

“No. Is it yours?” Her vampire fangs flashed in the moonlight as she laughed.

“Won’t we… you know… get in trouble?”

“You think they’re home?” she asked, looking around. The grass wasn’t cut, the driveway was empty, and the lights were off. “Wouldn’t that be exciting?”

I’m not sure how she opened the front door, but the next thing I knew, she was pulling me upstairs in an empty house. My heart was pounding rapidly and every time headlights flickered through the drapes, my breath caught. We shouldn’t be doing this, I wanted to scream, but could do nothing but follow the diminutive woman into a stranger’s bedroom.

“Isn’t this exciting?” she asked once we were up there. The blonde was poking around the darkened room, checking out the bathroom, the closets. Pale moonlight filtered turned the the white linen sheets and white painted furniture into ghosts. I couldn’t do anything but sit heavily on the bed, the adrenaline deafening.

“I don’t even know your name…”

“Really?” Her back was to me and she was looking over one shoulder. She reached up to her neck, undid a hidden clasp, and let the velvety cloak pool around her ankles.

I’d caught glimpses of her small body earlier, but nothing had prepared me for this moment. Her black dress was dangerously short and skintight. It was strapless, her long blonde tresses cascading around her bare shoulders. The dress ended just below the inverted heart of her little butt, plump enough to add a feminine roll to her hips. Her legs appeared longer than they probably were, due mainly to the high platform heels she wore, one foot demurely in front of the other.

I found myself caught once again in those large eyes, unable to escape. This time, I thought I heard her whisper suggestive things directly into my soul. I bet you want to bend me over and fuck me like a wild animal. Ready to get your dick wet? My heart race faster. Being haunted never felt better.

She pivoted on a heel and approached me like a predator, one stride directly in front of the other, hips swaying left and right. “Strip for me, please.”

I had never torn my clothing off faster. I was proud of my body, spending more time in the gym than anyone else I know, but still, my lack of modesty shocked me. Here I was, completely naked, my hard-on springing alive before me, when this blonde still wore everything but her cloak.

“This usually not how it goes for you?” she asked. Her fingers stroked across my broad shoulders and down my chest. When her fingers found my seven inches, swollen and ready for her, she smiled. “Very nice.

She bent forward, affording me a view of her perfectly proportioned breasts, and kissed the head of my erection. I shuddered. Her lips seared. Aren’t vampires supposed to be cold to the touch?

“You must be sooo close.” She giggled once again. Leaning into me, her hand braced on my bare shoulder, the blonde kissed me for the first time that evening, her slippery tongue unrolling slowly past my pliant lips. It was just as coy and alluring as her eyes: coaxing, suggesting, teasing. I found myself moaning into her mouth on just a kiss. When she pulled away, I groaned, wanting more.

She silenced me with two fingers to my lips. “There will be more of that, don’t worry, Chris, but first, you need to do something for me.”

With a little bit more pressure from those two fingers, she pushed me onto my back. Straddling my body, she crawled across me. For a second, I thought she was going to lower herself on my bobbing member, but she climbed higher. Across my stomach, across my torso, the whole time her silky thighs grazing my bare skin.

I looked down and watched her body approach, knowing at last what she had in mind. My hands found her hips, feeling the heat of her skin below, slipping to the hem of her short dress.

“You’ve got the idea.” Her words flaunting down to me as I pulled her dress up. The skin of her thighs was supernaturally smooth.

Her pussy was as flawless as the rest of her body, the parted cleft devoid of a single curl of hair. Her lips were unsurprisingly compact. It was the last thing I thought before being smothered between her straddling thighs.

I wanted to treat her like she’d treated me all evening. I wanted to tease. To leave her on the brink. I let my tongue trail lazily up along her slit, tasting the tangy sweetness. I felt her shudder as I teased her clit, only to draw away before she got too close. The smooth lips of her labia grew plump under my tongue, pushing it deeper and deeper with each lap.

Her fingers raked through my hair, encouraging me further, and I thought I heard her groans through the muffling walls of her tight thighs. Her fingernails bit into my scalp as I flicked at her clit, concentrating my efforts somewhere between pleasing her and breathing.

My own hands cupped her bare buttocks, squeezing the cheeks, drawing her harder against my mouth and lips.

I heard her groan, her fingers tightening in my hair. She squeezed with her thighs. Oxygen was cut off. I should have panicked. I should have thrown the smaller girl off me. Instead, I licked her with the desperation of a cornered animal, sucking her pussy lips into my mouth one at a time, jamming my tongue deep into her when that was done, rubbing my face and cheeks across her bare labia.

Her thighs tightened. I was seeing stars. My nose was overwhelmed with her musky perfume. I felt my consciousness slipping away and still I fucked her with my mouth. Still I drove her higher and higher, harder and harder.

My eyes were open, yet the room had receded to tiny pinpricks of light. Someone was screaming God’s name. Someone was gasping for breath. Someone was cumming.

I drifted out of consciousness then for who knows how long. In the darkness, I felt hands caress my body. Soft hands like fine velvet. Hot kisses. Wet licks and gentle sucks. Circling round and round my body, across my face, my lips, my chest. Circling closer and closer to what?

Teeth. Teeth on my neck. Sharp teeth. I tried to fight off the darkness, my brain fumbling to regain control. Things were still dreamy. Something was holding my cock. Something warm. Softness made fleshy contact with the tip. Soft and wet. My head passed up and down the smooth warmth. Up and down. Closer and closer. A needle being threaded.

I gasped. The head of my cock slipped into what was unmistakably a woman. It lingered there, her grip supple yet taut, as the sharp points returned to my throat. The blonde teased me with shallow penetration. I wanted to scream out. I wanted to thrust up, but couldn’t find the strength.

My mind flashed as she dropped her weight down on me, those warm walls rushing along my member. Our thighs slapped wetly and then… Pain? Teeth? Teeth sinking deep into my exposed neck, my jugular. My breath caught, eyes flaring open.

The blonde was there, poised above me, staring down at me with those large blue eyes. They were smoldering with passion, glowing in the soft moonlight. I half expected to see her chin and neck drenched in radiant red. I was surprised when it wasn’t.

“Oh God!” I shouted as she grinded her pelvis hard against mine, her lips curling back in a feral smile. Her fingernails dug into the curls of my chest hair. I grinded my teeth, staring up into her eyes. “OH FUCK!”

The blonde shut her eyes at last, her body hunched over me, her mouth open as she gasped and groaned for air. Her hips rose and fell, each thrust drawing the tight ring of her pussy agonizingly along my girth. Gripping her hips, I pounded back up into her, returning each downward plunge with my own upward thrust. Each reunion was punctuated by our slapping skin and the straddling woman’s piercing gasp.

I couldn’t take much more of it. I’d been teased too much.

I came, exploding into the blonde’s tight cunt. I felt the heat of my seed wash over my shaft, filling her snug cavity. My head thrashed left and right as my cock pulsed within her. The aftershocks lasted minutes that felt like hours. I could feel my sweat soak the bedspread below me.

When I opened my eyes at last, it was into the eyes of the blonde. I still didn’t know her name.

“Hollie,” she said, answering my thoughts. She stroked my sweaty brow, smiling down warmly at me. She was naked. She winked at me, regarding me in that coy, head-cocked way of hers.

Her breasts sat high on her chest, round and—as I quickly found—a perfect handful. She moaned as my thumbs passed over her puffy, light brown nipples. She gave my cock a playful squeeze with her pussy. I was still hard!

Her stomach was flat, her belly piercing flashing out in the moonlight. Sure enough, my cock remained rigid, Hollie’s clean-shaven lips stretched tightly around its girth. The milky white evidence of our most recent coupling trickled down her thighs and across my balls. I felt myself twitch at the sight.

The blonde cocked her head to one side, regarding me with surprise for a change. “I’m impressed,” she said in that sweet voice of hers, breathing in heavily through her nose. “Impress me a little more.”

I was no stranger at pleasing women. I didn’t back down now.

I sat up into Hollie’s compact body, drawing her lips to mine with a hand at the nape of her neck. Where her kiss was soft and sensual before, it was animalistic now. Our gums grinded against one another; her teeth nipped playfully at mine.

I pushed the blonde back further, rolling with her, my hardness still buried. She ended with her head hanging off the bed, her long, corn-silk hair cascading to the carpeted floor.

“You’ve got me where you want me, big boy,” she said breathily. “Fuck me. Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me until I scream, then fuck me even ha—AHH!”

I didn’t wait for her to finish. I thrust hard against her, my cock flashing through her pussy, striking her cervix. She cried out, letting her head hang off the bed as I ripped into her. I rested my hands on either side of her lithe frame, my eyes crawling lewdly along her naked torso. Her golden skin glowed satin in the moonlight, covered as it was in a thin sheen of sweat. Her breasts shook with the slapping of our bodies. I draped myself across her, smothering her, feeling those hard nipples against my own sweaty chest.

I brought my lips to her exposed neck and tasted the salt of her perspiration. I could feel each ragged breath she took. I could feel the pulse of her life blood. For an instant, I was nearly overcome with the urge to bite, to pierce flesh, to draw blood.

The moment passed. I was myself again.

I reached down between our writhing bodies, sliding my fingers across her slippery-smooth mound. Sweat and pussy juice and cum helped my fingers glide along the denuded skin. I found the little bud of her excitement sitting atop her taut folds and strummed it mercilessly as my thick cock dug into her just centimeters away.

She gasped sharply, threw her head back, and came. Her back arched below me. Her pussy rippled around my still-thrusting cock. She groaned, her nails rending claw marks across my back. Pain seared across my vision. I didn’t care.

“Oh God, deeper! Fuck Chris, fuck me deeper!” Her speech fought its way through her clenched teeth.

I pulled her long tanned legs up and open until they were hooked over my shoulders, folding her small body in half. Hands on either side of her narrow shoulders, I stared down at her reclined head, rocking my hips ruthlessly. I could feel my balls slap the damp juncture between her thighs with each thrust. I could feel my pelvis grow sore with each violent impact.

“AH!” she gasped again and again.The bed rocked. The head board slammed loudly against the wall. Bang! Bang! Bang! “UH! UH! UH!” Hollie raked her fingers through her sex-dampened locks as her body sizzled with her extended orgasm.

She bit down on her lip, her vampire fangs glinting in the dim light of the room. How many times could she come? How much could her body take?

“Oh fuck, again!” she screamed aloud, shattering my eardrums. Ankles hooked behind my head, she drew my pistoning body into her. Her lips tore into mine. Gnashing. Searing. Unforgiving. Her tongue plunged down my throat until I could hardly breath, once again fighting to keep conscious.

At last, her body relaxed, her head hanging limply off the side of the bed. “Oh my God!” she said, her eyes still closed, basking in the afterglow. I said nothing, resting gently across her tight body. My arms burned from the strain of holding her up. My hips were sore. “Oh my God!” she repeated. “You’re still hard!”

Wordlessly, she pushed me off of her, my cock pulling free of her with a collective shudder. She leaned me back against the headboard and snuggling down between my legs, grasping my cum-slick member.

Her hand looked tiny wrapped around me, the fingers barely closing as they pumped slowly, up and down. Smiling at me with those mischievous blue eyes, she lowered her lips.

“Your teeth!” I cried out as she poised her glossy lips at the head of my member.

Hollie looked up at me, smiled, and asked, “What teeth?” Her pearly white teeth were even, her fangs gone. When did she do that?

I didn’t ask. I didn’t care. Not after I felt my dick slip into her warm little mouth.

She stroked me with her fingers as her lips and tongue concentrated on manipulating the mushroom tip, swirling circles of pleasure with each pass. She kept her eyes on me the whole time, measuring my passion, sensing when to change tactics.

I groaned as she slipped more of my cock into her mouth, her lips and fingers making tight passes up and down the engorged flesh. “Oh godddd…” I groaned deeply.

She pulled away with a loud slurp. “This is to thank you for what you just did. This is your reward.”

Nothing else was spoken. I felt myself pass quickly through her small mouth and strike the back of her throat, her tongue working magic along the sensitive underside. Slowly, ever so slowly, she worked me deeper and deeper into her throat, occasionally slurping off me to catch her breath, until her nose was buried in the curls of my pubic hair.

I let my eyes wander across her petite body as the blonde throated me, marveling at the heart-shaped perfection of her ass. If I had any strength left in me, I wanted to take her from behind, on all fours, like the animals that we were. The thought of that, of her hips pounding back into me, of her face buried in the pillow as she screamed in ecstasy, was enough.

She sensed my imminent climax and slipped my cock from her throat, holding just the head within her mouth. Her tongue whipped around the crown once before I exploded, my vision soda-pop white.

I came harder than I did in her pussy just minutes—hours, days—ago. My cock pulsed, Hollie swallowed. I felt my energy drain from me, leaving my body limp and exhausted.

I sat there against the headboard of some stranger’s bed on the cusp of consciousness. Through the hazy fog of my post-orgasmic bliss, I watched the blonde sit back on her heels and smile at me. A thin trail of milky white escaped the corner of her beautiful mouth, making its lazy way down along her chin. Her smile was feral. Her elongated fangs had returned.

“Thanks for the evening, Chris.” She wiped my cum from her lips and kissed me softly. I could barely respond. I was so tired. Her fingers touched my neck and pain throbbed beneath her fingers. “Don’t worry, it’ll heal. Just give it time.”

I blinked and she was off the bed, her naked body posing there at the doorframe for me. “Get some rest.”

I caught one last glimpse of her shadowy curves, her round breasts, and her clean-shaven sex.

“But not too much.” One last giggle. “Never know when the owners are going to return…”

I touched my neck, where the pain hadn’t gone away, and winced. That didn’t feel right, that ragged feeling. I pulled my fingers away. They shined red and wet in the moonlight.

When I looked back at her, she was dressed—at least in the black cloak. “You were yummy.”

One last blink and she was gone.