Wife Sharing Shorts, Vol. 1


Some men fantasize about their wives with other men. They don’t understand it. Part of them doesn’t even like it. The jealousy, the fear, the anxiety—it’s almost overwhelming. Watching her prepare herself for another man feels like a spear right through the gut. And yet there’s nothing sexier than that moment for them.

From the author of Just Watch Me and Something Forbidden comes a collection of short stories featuring men with the kink to share, and the wives who indulge them. Inside Wife Sharing Shorts, Vol. 1, you’ll find five separate tales, plus an exclusive short from Max Sebastian, author of Madeleine Wakes and Anarchy of the Heart.

Stories include, “The Ballet,” “Abstraction,” “Starring My Best Friend’s Wife,” “Flirt,” “An Unconventional Christmas” (originally published on ScorchingReviews.com), and “The Three Laws of Wife Sharing” (by Max Sebastian).

Read “The Ballet” for free.

Date: July 11, 2014