Training to Love It 2


His wife slept with another man, and he loved it. What comes next?

They did it, and Tom still can’t believe it. After months of teasing and toying, his wife, Erin, actually had sex with her personal trainer. They’d spent so much time focusing on that moment, on getting to that line, that they never considered the aftermath. And now that her trainer, AJ, has had a taste, he’s not ready to give her up.

Follow Tom and Erin as they explore this new lifestyle where it’s okay for wives to date other men and the terms hotwife and cuckold are kinks, not slurs. Erin feeds Tom’s inner voyeur with each encounter, playing a dangerous game of give and take that will ultimately test how much strain their relationship can take before it breaks. Everyone has a limit. Will Tom and Erin find theirs?

Date: December 09, 2015