Something Forbidden

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  • Wife-watching. Swinging. Consensual infidelity. These are not concepts that Maxwell Callahan understands, let alone fantasizes about. Max has a great life: husband, father, successful bar owner. He has no plans to shake it up.

    And then he witnesses a couple play a dangerous game of pick-up in his bar: the wife gets picked up, the husband watches. A seed takes root and starts to grow. What would it be like to watch his beautiful wife, Katie, in the same situation?

    Smart, successful, yet a little conservative, he never thought Katie would ever entertain such an idea…until she does. This suburban couple is about to take a wild ride as they turn fantasy into reality. Don’t miss this marital adventure as Katie and Max try something forbidden.

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  • “Absolutely loved this book. Loved that it was written from a man’s point of view of swinging and the intensity of his desires mixed with his love for his wife. As I was reading this book, it stirred up many emotions about the characters. So much so, that my husband and I talked about the need for boundaries, cheating, and trust. I highly recommend this book. It is a must read!” -Rosie via Amazon

    “The transformation of Katie, my favorite of all his female characters, is a beautiful thing to watch, and the sex scenes are mind-blowing. The brilliant descriptions of her husband Max’s inner thoughts make it easy to empathize with all of the exhilarating yet conflicting feelings that he experiences. There’s also the suspense!” -PS via Amazon

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Date: September 08, 2013