• On February 29, a day that comes just once every four years, Jack Carter announces that, “What happens on Leap Day stays on Leap Day.” His wife Sarah knows he’s up to something, and when he explains that today is a day to take risks and get a little crazy, she grasps what it is: he wants to watch her with another man.

    Jack had the fantasy first; and at first, Sarah didn’t understand it. Hell, neither did Jack. All he knew was that the thought of his wife in the arms of another man was exciting; the build-up, the flirtation, the act, even his nauseous jealousy always got him hard. Sarah didn’t deny her own arousal, especially when her coworker, David, began taking the role of imagined lover. He was fit, hot, and most importantly, he was attracted to her.

    Neither Jack nor Sarah ever thought they’d take the plunge from reality to fantasy. It was too risky. Too crazy. With February 29 just beginning, will it be the day they finally make the leap?


  • As Sarah emerged from the shower and felt Jack’s eyes on her, she knew something was up. She pulled her towel tighter, aware of how little it covered—not that she minded those eyes. She liked the way he looked at her, tingling wherever they swept. But there was something in that half-smile of his. Ten years of marriage and she could sense these things.“You’re still in bed,” Sarah said with a half-smile. Jack stretched his arms behind his head and his thick arms flexed. She liked the ripple where his pecs and delts met at his broad shoulders.

    He cleared his throat. “It’s Leap Day. You know what they say…”

    “That there’s one more day to process pay checks?” Sarah turned away from her husband and dropped her towel. She was already thinking of the day ahead and all the paperwork that came with the end of the month.

    “On February 29, all rules are off,” he went on.

    Sarah fastened a bra and turned, raking her fingers through her still-wet dark blonde hair. “That so?” Her tone was dry. “That’s a new one.”

    “It makes sense though, right? Leap Day: the day that doesn’t exist. So nothing that happens on it exists, either.” Jack finally climbed from the bed. This time, it was Sarah’s turn to watch him cross the room. His swollen cock swung between his thighs. They’d both made a New Year resolution to visit the gym more, and so far, they’d stayed true to it.

    “What’s your point, dear?”

    He paused at the door to the bathroom, where steam still clouded the mirrors, and shrugged. “Just that today, we can do things that we normally wouldn’t.”

    Sarah’s face flushed. He was talking about his fantasy—their fantasy. He disappeared into the bathroom with the bounce of his brows.

    Sarah had been shocked when he’d first confessed the fantasy. She wanted to hate it. To be disgusted by it. It went against every fiber of her upbringing. She loved Jack more than she’d ever thought possible. She loved the comfortable life they led. She loved the children they had. Yet like Jack, she found herself loving the idea, too.

    Her little office flirtation with David had been harmless. Jack knew about it, after all. It never led anywhere—it was never meant to. But it was inevitable that her attractive coworker made it into their bedroom fantasy.

    Sarah had felt remorseful afterwards, despite Jack’s encouragement. He’d told her to imagine she was with David—to close her eyes and feel the younger man’s powerful body driving into her. She saw David’s beautiful face, his shaggy brown hair clinging damply to the hard-set cut of his jaw. He had beautiful eyes, almond-shaped and almost Asian, despite his otherwise All-American good looks. She’d imagined them filled with hunger, the way he sometimes looked at her when he thought she wasn’t looking. She’d cum hard that night.

    When Sarah had learned David was relocating across the country, she was both sad and relieved—and felt guilty for feeling either. She told herself that it was a good thing for him. He was advancing his career with a new company he could grow at. But she’d just miss their friendship and their banter. Even after just two days of no David, things felt quiet—and that was fine. He was gone and that was fine.

    But he isn’t gone yet, a little voice reminded. The same voice that kept echoing Jack’s silly statement: All rules are off. If David hadn’t quit—if she went into work today and he was there—and he asked her to happy hour today, would she have accepted after turning him down again and again? Would she have had the guts?

    It didn’t matter. David was gone. Almost.


    Jack’s cock hit full extension as he stepped beneath the shower spray. His imagination was going wild. Jack had brought it up first, although he’d harbored the secret for years before admitting it: I want you to fuck another man. Just thinking it sent a jolt up his soapy length. That was the kicker. He had no idea why it turned him on. Rationally, it was idiotic. Rationally, it was a really bad idea. But rational or not, it made him hard—every single time.

    Jack pumped his cock, knowing that the suggestion was working its way through Sarah’s normally proper mind. He thought about the first time she’d mentioned David. She’d been so carefully casual. When Jack had teased her—called David her office crush—her face turned five shades of red.

    Too bad David had decided to move. Jack was only a little more disappointed than Sarah, although they both knew it was for the best.

    Not that anything would ever happen between the two of them. Despite the fantasy, Jack and Sarah were a normal couple leading safe, secure lives. They had a routine involving kids and dinners together and television at night—it was a routine they enjoyed.

    Only this day was different. Their son was with the rest of the school band in Disney World and their daughter was skiing with a friend’s family for Winter Week. He didn’t believe in fate—a man made his own—but this was almost too good to be true. When he emerged from the billowing steam of the shower to an empty bedroom and saw their matching iPhones sitting on twin chargers, he knew what he was going to do. “Leap Day,” he reminded himself.

    When he made it downstairs, Sarah was sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen counter, sipping coffee and reading the paper. He registered the black hose and heels and the way her hair fell in golden waves around her face and shoulders. She always looked good, but today, she looked extraordinary.

    “I packed you a lunch,” Sarah said without looking up from the newspaper. Judging by the way she uncrossed, then recrossed her toned legs, she must have known she was looking.

    “Thanks, but I think I’m going to eat out today, since all the rules are off.”

    Sarah finally looked up. “That the way it works? Maybe I should book a few hours at the day spa.”

    Jack kissed his wife on the side of her neck. She smelled spicy—a scent she normally saved for date nights. “If you do, make sure you book a waxing.”

    Sarah laughed at Jack’s one-track mind. “So Leap Day isn’t just about the rules being off, but the hair, too?”

    He bowed down to look her in the eyes. His brown irises didn’t waver. “It means that you should push your boundaries. Get a little crazy.” He kissed her on the nose and stood, crooked smile back in place. Their day was just beginning.

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Date: August 04, 2012