About me

I think it’s C.S. Lewis who said that he wrote stories that he wished he could have read as a boy (when talking about The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe). That concept stayed with me when I heard it — not the boy part, but the writing the stories you’d like to read part. If you’re not doing that (and you’re not making writing a career), why are you doing it at all? So at the risk of corrupting the very Christian Lewis’ lesson here, I write erotica stories that I’d like to read myself: realistic characters, romances, happy endings (if it feels natural), good writing (too many) extended metaphors, and a wealth of other things you’ll discover in my fiction.

I post on various sites on the web, but will also keep this site updated. I do appreciate feedback, both in the form of e-mails (I’ll always try to respond, as long as there’s something constructive within) and positive vote scores (we as authors do care about these). I’ll also keep my blog updated with various things that I’m working on, or random thoughts on writing in this unique genre.

I want to thank Lucy V and Jake Marlow for letting me bounce random ideas off of, and my wife for putting up with this hobby (and lending her editing skills when she has time).

Hope you enjoy what you read; I certainly enjoy writing it.